At Fantasia Education Partners we use the power of teams and partnerships to coach parents, teachers, child minders, youths and children to achieve excellence and impact the world.

In 5 years, youths will have found their voice in national matters and business issues; they would achieve recognition for their inputs and solutions. Children, teachers and caregivers will teach and learn in developmentally prescribed methods.

Organizations will gain visibility and credibility for their involvement in youth development.


Uwaye Soetan

Lead Speaker

Ade Maxwel


July Mandesse



  • Aderonke Grace, CEO

    I find the training and summer camp really very beneficial for my child. The details at which Fantasia Education Partners give to every child is so heart warming. They come highly recommended by me.

  • ,

    I enjoyed the support staff training, It is the best i have attended and i look forward to many more trainings   with Fantasia Education Partners. I now know how to communicate with people better, despite our differences. I also know how to conduct myself as a leader even at my level.

  • Israel W. Bassey, Electrical Technician

    Fantastic training session. I particularly loved the security and safety course. I wish everybody will know and make effective use of these tips and ideas. Personally, i would educate my wife and everyone around me.


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