Summer Camp 2016

—Over the summer, many young people and their families lose access to critical support that keep them safe, healthy and engaged in learning and meaningful work experiences.

Studies show that providing summer opportunities, including jobs, learning, and meals, prevent academic regression and weight gain/loss, divert youth from criminal involvement and reduce violence.

—Our program is designed to increase access to high-quality summer learning, meals and jobs opportunities in communities. Thereby providing innovative ways to move summer from a time of risk to a time of great reward.

—This is a day camp for secondary school students, 13 to 18 years and of low income families. The theme of the program is “Careers” and is scheduled to start, 1st to 31st of August, 2016.

—The program is in 3parts:

—Part A – self development and academic activities that would be done in camp.

—Part B – field trips for rich experiences that would be achieved off camp.

—Part C – career insights from mentor talks and work experience.

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