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Two types of Leadership, based on followership.

  1. The inward leaders:
    – Appeal to the limbic brain, the part responsible for feelings, beliefs and drives behavior.
    – These kinds of Leaders always starts with the “WHY” of their endeavors.
    – Followers follow because they want to, not because they have to. They follow because they align with the vision.
    – Followers are willing to promote the vision with sweat, blood and tears (even without being asked).
  2. The outward leaders:
    – Appeal to the neo cortex brain, the part responsible for rationalizing, logic, language. This part of the brain is very analytical but does not drive behavior, trust or loyalty.
    – These kinds of leaders always start with the “WHAT” of their pursuit. If they sell a product, they will focus on the functionalities rather than the vision.
    – Followers mostly follow because they have to. Perhaps it’s an appointed leader and they have no choice but to follow.
    – They mostly do not have a clear understanding of what motivates the leader.
    – If the followers are employees, they will simply work for the pay check, not because they are committed.

People don’t necessarily care about how you get things done, they care about why you do it. Don’t waste time on followers who are interested in your pursuit for itself, focus on followers who belief what you belief and become vision helpers to implement the vision.

Martin Luther king said, “I have a dream…” he never told how he was going to achieve that dream, neither did people care, they cared about the dream.

Uwaye Soetan💌