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Youths need to be empowered to make the right choices and succeed in life. We offer debating competitions, youth seminars/workshops/events/camps.

National Summer Learning Day Events

National Summer Learning day is the 14th of July. Let’s celebrate and create awareness for the importance of learning during the summer.

Invite your school parents and community members to come have a taste of learning and get tips to keep children excited about learning.

Create your event on the projects page, so we can help tell the world about what you are doing to elevate the importance of summer learning.

Events can be:
Book reading
sport activities
Art/craft activities
Science activities
Creative and performing art activities
Events are a good way to showcase your school strength or expertise.

Do not miss the chance to make an impact on your school clients and community this summer.

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Summer Learning 2017

Fantasia Education Partners – Summer Learning for youths 18 to 30years.
Our theme for this year’s youth summer learning is Employability Skills.

A survey by YouthNet reported that half of applicants don’t understand the required job skills and that two third of employers reject candidates because they cannot clearly articulate their abilities.
To bridge this gap and give youths better chance at employment and career success, the seminar on employability skills will address:
– Leadership: this opens one up for opportunities.
– Communication: for self-discovery, goal achievement, serving self in relation to others.
– Career: this inspires ones journey with mentorship guidance.
– Health, wellness and life skills: the balancing acts to enjoy living.

Our speakers are reputable professionals from various works of life:
– Ayotunde Owoigbe is a legal expert and partner at Banwo & Ighodalo.She presently serves as Vice-Chair of the Capital Market Solicitors Association and is a member of the capital markets sub-committee of the Section on Business Law of the Nigerian Bar Association. Ayotunde is a 2007 associate of the Nigeria Leadership Initiative (a leadership development not-for-profit, affiliated with the Aspen Institute). She has authored several articles in leading legal publications and frequently delivers presentations on subjects in her core practice areas
– Bisi Adeyemi is the managing director of DCSL Corporate Service Company. She has varied experience in litigation, corporate and commercial law practice and has worked on various assignments spanning corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, foreign investment regulatory procedures, due diligence procedures prior to mergers and acquisitions and stock exchange listing.
– Uwaye Soetan is the founder of Fantasia School and Fantasia Education partners. She’s a mind educator, professional and personal development coach. She has been involved in several initiatives and projects. She’s currently a commonwealth senior judge and a member of the international women’s society. She’s skilled in child development, teaching psychology, communication, leadership and startup businesses.

Summer Camp 2016

—Over the summer, many young people and their families lose access to critical support that keep them safe, healthy and engaged in learning and meaningful work experiences.

Studies show that providing summer opportunities, including jobs, learning, and meals, prevent academic regression and weight gain/loss, divert youth from criminal involvement and reduce violence.

—Our program is designed to increase access to high-quality summer learning, meals and jobs opportunities in communities. Thereby providing innovative ways to move summer from a time of risk to a time of great reward.

—This is a day camp for secondary school students, 13 to 18 years and of low income families. The theme of the program is “Careers” and is scheduled to start, 1st to 31st of August, 2016.

—The program is in 3parts:

—Part A – self development and academic activities that would be done in camp.

—Part B – field trips for rich experiences that would be achieved off camp.

—Part C – career insights from mentor talks and work experience.

2015 Summer Camp

Summer camp 2015 was a theatre arts and film production program for youths. With the world going global and creativity being the way to go, there is a need to expose students to skills that would spur self believe and give expression to creativity.

Youths visited the coolTV station to experience movie making, they produced their own movie at the end of the camp.